Energy Storage Projects

Clay Tye

United Kingdom


With 99 MW Clay Tye in Essex has a capacity of 198 MWh, using a series of 52 Lithium-ion Tesla Megapack batteries.

The Clay Tye site is located in Essex and will have a total power of 99MW / 198MWh, making it the biggest project of its kind under construction in the UK.

Clay Tye follows the successful completion of FRV West-Sussex based battery storage facility, Contego, which has a capacity of 34 MW / 68 MWh. It also follows the completion of FRV’s Dorset-based Holes Bay battery energy storage project, which has a capacity of 7.5 MW / 15 MWh.


99 MW DC
Peak Power
United Kingdom
198 MWh
BESS Supplier: Tesla
Operation date
In construction
Project status