In Fotowatio Renewable Ventures, known as FRV, we are leaders in providing comprehensive renewable energy solutions across the globe. We believe in improving energy performance and competitiveness and transforming these solutions into the most economic, sustainable and accessible options for our clients, investors, governments and, of course, users.

We believe that the use of renewable energy is the key to our future

The transformation of the energy market, and the increasing shift towards sustainability, will positively impact mankind at all levels, socially, environmentally and economically. For this reason, we remain committed to our founding focus: to demonstrate that energy produced through renewable sources is the best possible alternative to fossil fuels thereby contributing to improving and protecting our future.

We pursue success through commitment and innovation; finessing our capabilities and forging a solid path of experience and expertise over the last decade, which forms the foundation of our business today.

As a strong advocate of sustainability, FRV is a young and entrepreneurial business. We have consolidated our position in the renewable energy market due to the transparency and governance of our operations, and the proven results we have achieved.

We are proud that each of our projects has fully delivered on original investment expectations, with regards to both quality and productivity; generating returns for investors and providing energy for consumers at competitive prices.

Building on our established leadership in the solar energy sector, we are now using this as the basis to become a spearhead in the wider renewable energy industry worldwide. The combination of our pioneering spirit and superior technical knowledge allows us to create innovative solutions to drive change for a more sustainable future.

This is why in 2019, the team of FRV-X was established to continue FRV’s pioneering journey through identifying, exploring and incubating innovative concepts in technology, service and business models to deliver viable and scalable solutions that continue to drive the global transition to a sustainable renewable energy model.

Working with some of the world’s most innovative and creative minds from business, industry, science and academia, FRV-X is pursuing non-conventional approaches to energy and helping to incubate these to proof of concept.

This includes new business and service models in the generation and distribution of energy, together with cutting-edge and potential break-through technologies. We are then assessing their technical, economic and scalable viability in a fast-moving global market context. The most promising of these are then further developed into practicable and sustainable scale-up activities. Current fields of examination include energy storage solutions for industry, homes and transport; aggregation business models in supply and distribution; development of the green hydrogen economy and energy utilization and efficiency models and technologies.

Our Strengths

Our Team

  • A respected international team with more than 130 highly-qualified professionals. A high-profile leadership team with over 70 years cumulative and 10 years average individual experience in the renewable energy sector
  • A continuous quest for attracting and developing talent
  • Demonstrated strong capital discipline with focus on long-term value creation

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Our Track Record

  • A trusted reputation as a leader in our field, with a 13-year proven track record of successfully delivering renewable energy solutions
  • Development and construction of over 1 GW dc of installed power for the generation of sustainable and clean energy since 2006
  • Successful project financing of more than US $3 billion with the financial support of twenty of the world’s leading financial institutions

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Our Reputation

  • Extensive experience as sponsor and developer, together with strong pipeline, supporting PPA signature with reputable offtakers
  • Core strengths in negotiating land rights and navigating regulatory framework
  • Our de-risking offtake strategy enables project development times to be shortened and get better equity returns via refinancings
  • Early identification of and investment in technology and industry trends

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Our Evolution

  • Strong pioneering spirit characterized by continues innovation and flexibility to adapt and advance market changes, a key ingredient for sustainable success in a transforming market environment
  • Flexibility to adapt and advance our business model to keep leading the renewable energy marketplace. We have become a fully integrated IPP with core strengths across the full value chain, including O&M and AM.
  • Expansion into new clean and renewable energy sectors and geographic diversification with 30 plants developed in 24 countries, across 5 continents, operating under business and regulatory environments
  • Use of the latest technologies and solutions to design and deliver optimal results with an in-house team specifically tailored to research and develop the latest innovative solutions including battery storage, hybrid technology or financing. We are ahead of the market in exploring storage options for merchant projects
  • Leading abilities to capitalize on merchant opportunities and subsequently de-risk using PPAs usually with government- backed counterparties. We are comfortable with developing and structuring projects on a merchant basis and are early movers in growing the corporate PPA market. WE have already developed and finance two merchant projects, one in Mexico (Potrero, 296 MW dc) and another one in Australia (Moree, 70 MW dc)

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Fernando Salinas

Country Manager at Central America Region, FRV

Collectively, we have a target to generate an important project pipeline that could help us achieving our company goals in the region.

Javier Esquivias

General Deputy Director, Elecnor

FRV has always been a pioneer. From the first time they came to us 10 years ago, they really made an impact with their vision and La Magascona, which was a project of a huge magnitude at that time.

Rafael Benjumea

Founder, FRV

At FRV we have a strong commitment to the economic and social development of the markets and communities in which we operate, and we are pleased to be able to deliver on this commitment through this innovative program.