Environmental, Social, Governance

Positive impact on society and the planet

We believe that sustainability is essential for future development. We are committed to improving our energy solutions through innovation, and to generate renewable energy in an affordable, clean and sustainable way that meets social, environmental, and economic needs both locally and globally.

Environmental Sustainability

We work on developing sustainable projects with the utmost care and respect for the environment, undertaking a thorough impact study for each project before any work commences. Our solutions are designed to reduce any harmful impact on the environment as much as possible.


FRV’s environmental commitment

Social Sustainability

We are committed with the social development of our employees and of the communities of the countries where we operate. We do so, not only contributing with the sustainable economic growth associated with our business activities, but also through training and education programs or social initiatives that bring future value for our team and for local communities.


FRV and Pequeña Nowina social commitment


The Commitment of Abdul Latif Jameel and FRV

Our Promise

We make your future our reason for being. We strengthen that illusion by turning dreams into a contagious and inspiring energy that creates opportunities. We make progress a tangible reality.

We power the future now. 

We can help you manage your energy.
Help you be your best self.

“Improving together, with good energy”

We bring the energy of the future to the present: clean, sustainable energy with social conscience.

We invest in initiatives that nurture people and allow them to transform and improve their future

Thanks to our risk management in sustainability, we can understand the environmental, social and ethical issues that may emerge as a result of our business activities, which enables FRV to improve its decision- making, reduce unforeseen costs and identify new business opportunities and competitive advantages.


Jordan launches its first nanosatellite with the support of FRV

Business with a green conscience

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investments – in other words, investments that are responsible, sustainable and principled – are set to prosper. Today we need to think about our investment decisions differently. It is not just important to earn something, but to do something.

Reliable, measurable and transparent: climate bonds represent another step in the right direction for green funding.

They are the financial guarantees that promote the funding of environmental projects worldwide, or a way for investors to bet on all our futures, with confidence.

Each year

million tons
of C02 avoided
thousand homes powered
million cars off the road

Value creation for clients

Our business activities are responsible for much more than the mere generation of economic returns; they have a direct impact on society and the environment.

As a key player in the renewable energy sector, we are conscious of the wider influence we can have; a responsibility we take seriously and that we include on our business agenda as one of the key pillars and priorities inside our company.