Working at FRV

We change the world with our nature:
Improving by evolving

“Based on a culture of passion, excellence and continuous improvement, our people have always been our main pillar towards achieving our ambitious mission of democratizing the access to clean, efficient and cost-competitive energy solutions.”

Daniel Sagi-Vela

Our Promise

As a strong advocate of sustainability, FRV is a young and entrepreneurial business. We have consolidated our position in the renewable energy market due to the transparency and governance of our operations, and the proven results we have achieved.

Our company’s continuing policy and commitment is that in each location we conduct our business in accordance with the highest moral, legal and ethical standards. Our reputation for integrity is one of our most important assets, and each employee, officer and director contributes to the care and preservation of that asset.

FRV makes available to all employees and third parties in general an Ethical Channel externally managed by a specialized company, accessible here.

FRV has obtained the Quality, Health and Safety and Environment certificates in Spain, Australia, Mexico, Potosí, La Solanilla and Moree: ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001; and is in the process of obtaining these certifications in the rest of the countries where the company operates.

How we work

Our core values shape our culture and have always guided our business

We are ever curious to improve


We always question everything. We maintain an unconstrained curiosity that makes us learn continually.
We do not take anything for granted, we keep a constant creative challenge with others and with ourselves. We are always exploring new possibilities and we are open to all kinds of opportunities.

We have the agility to act


We rapidly identify real opportunities, act, and give them life maximizing their profitability. We have an open, horizontal, and aspirational work culture that favours a dynamic and interactive environment, in which everyone plays a decisive role. We promote the active participation of the whole team for a quick and efficient execution of the given objectives.

We are pioneering and making our own path

Pioneer spirit

With the tenacity to solve any problem, we welcome change and innovation to define our own path, without fear of doing what has not yet been done, but always with knowledge and good judgment. Therefore, we implement the latest technological advances for our needs and those of our clients. Innovation goes beyond technology; that is why all members of our team share this spirit of change and advancement with the objective to improve the overall outcome for all. We are innovators not only with new technical solutions, but also in our way of doing business.

We are committed to always deliver our promises


We always keep our promises, and we act with total transparency and integrity. We are proud to say that each of our projects has reached or exceeded expectations in terms of quality, productivity, and profitability, both for our shareholders, partners and investors, and for our clients and final consumers. We are committed to deliver true value; Our credibility allows us to create strong and lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Through excellence in execution that creates world leading quality solutions…


We strive to achieve excellence in execution and in everything we do. Our persistence, hard work, and relentless attention to detail, means we always deliver true, profitable – and innovative – solutions of the highest quality. We always look for that extra mile, we give our 100%. We do not necessarily have to be the best, but we do give our best to bring out our maximum potential and that of our clients.

…that create excitement as they are delivered with a passion that inspires our customers


Our passion shines through. We are passionate, we embark on each one of our projects with the same enthusiasm from the first day. We are a dynamic and exciting business for our customers to do business with because we make our client’s excitement our own: their achievements are our achievements; their success is our success. To see how they grow and how they achieve their maximum potential is for us the highest satisfaction.

Because its our team that makes the difference for everyone


We transmit positive energy, in both our attitude and in the services provided. Thanks to an open, team-work environment, we create a vibrant, ‘can do’ atmosphere to achieve great things. We are an organization with an open and horizontal culture in which communication is essential to stimulate the healthy and positive climate that dominates our mood and directs our actions. We trust our colleagues, we advocate the importance of personal development, and we are supportive of helping others achieve their own goals which are aligned with the objectives of the group. We are very demanding with ourselves and with our team in order to meet our high standards and as a result we always give our best in everything we do together.