Pioneering a better future

In 2019, we launched FRV-X as our technology platform able to create innovative solutions along the New Energy Value chain.


The FRV-X team continues FRV’s pioneering journey through identifying, exploring and incubating innovative concepts in technology, service and business models to deliver viable and scalable solutions that continue to drive the global transition to a sustainable renewable energy model.

Fady Jameel Podcast: utility scale energy storage enables renewables

Trailblazing Solutions

Business Innovation hub supporting our strategic transformation through innovation

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Energy Storage

FRV is developing advanced large scale energy storage systems worldwide maximizing project value across multiple applications.

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FRV is engaged in several projects aimed at deployment of green hydrogen generation via renewable energy in emerging markets.

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Commercial and industrial companies can decarbonize their production process while reducing their energy costs with Storage-as-a-Service model provided by FRV.

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Hybrid Solutions

We are pioneering the implementation of Hybrid Energy Solutions for the replacement of fossil-fuel generators with renewable energy in C&I, remote and off-grid environments.

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Virtual Power Plants

We are supporting the evolution of the power decentralization through the VPP concept by aggregating controllable distributed energy units.

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Digital Energy

Through state-of-the art digital technologies we offer innovative energy solutions along the whole energy value chain.