Pioneering a better future

What is FRV-X?

In 2019, we launched FRV-X as our technology platform able to create innovative solutions along New Energy Value chain.

The FRV-X team continues FRV’s pioneering journey through identifying, exploring and incubating innovative concepts in technology, service and business models to deliver viable and scalable solutions that continue to drive the global transition to a sustainable renewable energy model.

FRV-X is FRV’s innovation unit where we currently have 3 fundamental pillars: BTM storage, green hydrogen and new digital models

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Green Hydrogen and derivatives

Project development and prospecting

Market assestment

Analysis & Design

Financial modelling

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Behind the meter (BTM)

Project development and prospecting

Market assestment

Analysis & Design

Financial modelling

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New Digital Business Models


Energy communities



Community ownership

Pay-as-you-go models

P2P Electricity Trading

Green hydrogen and derivatives

FRV-X green hydrogen business model

The goal of energy transition and the search for greater energy independence means that green hydrogen and its derivatives, such as green ammonia, create new lines of business in terms of uses and exports.

Green hydrogen project- KAMINOAN

The Kaminoan project aims to provide a green hydrogen production capacity of up to 20 MW. The green H2 production plant will be powered by a dedicated photovoltaic plant next to the electrolyser and by electricity from the green grid (with guarantees of origin) during the hours when the solar resource is not available.

Part of the green hydrogen will be supplied to mobility companies for their fleet of fuel cell vehicles for long distance road freight transport. Another part of the hydrogen will be used to decarbonise industrial thermal processes. Blending is also envisaged.

Extremadura (Spain) has been chosen as the location for the project due to its high solar radiation, proximity to relevant highways and the importance of the agricultural and livestock sector and industry. The development of the project will contribute to increasing the capacity of electrolysers and hydrogen distribution infrastructure, accelerating the adoption of technologies along the entire hydrogen value chain and boosting the economy and industrialisation of a rural area of Spain.

Behind the meter (BTM)

EnSaaS: energy storage as-a-service

FRV-X’s Energy-Storage-as-a-Service (ENSaaS) is a tailor-made solution specially developed for the commercial and industrial sector to reduce carbon footprint and minimise energy costs and utility bill demand. This solution is made possible through a combination of AI-controlled energy storage systems and on-site distributed renewable generation.

New Digital Business Models

Innovation Plan – META framework


Our innovation process follow 3 steps until adoption, where we start analyzing opps from monitoring new ventures on the energy sector.


Financing solar projects through crowdfunding in developing countries.

FRV-X has invested in Ecoligo, an impact investment provider that implements solar-as-a-service projects in emerging markets. Founded in 2016, the company leads the energy transition in eleven countries such as Kenya, Vietnam and Chile.