We make your future our reason for being

We make progress a tangible reality. We pursue success through commitment and innovation; finessing our capabilities and forging a solid path of experience and expertise over the last years, which forms the foundation of our business today.

An Extraordinary Team

The success of FRV is based on our people: a highly competent team of qualified experts, all of whom have significant international experience in the renewable energy field

Leading with an entrepreneurial spirit

A high-profile leadership team with over 70 years cumulative and 10 years average individual experience in the renewable energy sector.

Growth is never by mere chance

With technical profiles oriented to support all the areas of the value chain: Project Development; Energy Markets; Engineering (Design, Project Viability, Interconnection); Due Dilligence Engineering, Procurement; IT; Construction; Control Centre, QHSE; Asset Management, O&M, R&D.

Our people are our most valuable asset

With roles in Finance, Tax; Treasury; Risk and Planning; Structured Finance and M&A.

No organization can thrive without innovation

Innovation platform designed to operate following lean start-up principles in order to be flexible and quick. We need to adapt to a changing business environment with new technologies, new business models and of course new roles and professionals that will help us keep pace with digital advancements and future industry trends.

Maintaining the highest standards

An independent function formed by a multidisciplinary professional team certified under international Professional Standards of Internal Audit whose main responsibilities are:

– The assessment and effective review of the relevant internal control and risk management systems for the Company and its Group

– To monitor specific risks as related to bribery and corruption, fraud, and irregular practices contrary to the Company’s Code of Conduct, either by employees or third parties related to the Company.

We take our responsibilities seriously

It is a key responsibility for us to make sure that all our transactions and business activities comply with corporate laws and regulations. Our legal team handles all our company’s legal transactions, partnerships, and projects. They guarantee that all our company’s transactions comply with state laws and regulations, while actively helping our company avoid possible legal risks and violations.

Meet some of our team

Our professionals have an outstanding attitude; they are committed to success, innovation, responsibility and transparency. They are our strongest ambassadors.

Head of Legal- Corporate
Pilar López

‘’Joining FRV’s team has enabled me to use my legal knowledge and experience to contribute to the company’s mission and make positive life changes worldwide. The strong passion, competence and positive energy of each member of the organization creates an atmosphere where everything is possible!.’’

Finance- Corporate
Rocío Villalba

“The best thing about working at FRV is the constant learning and the new challenges that make you grow personally and professionally.”

Managing Director O&M
Jorge Garrido

“It was 6 years ago when I joined the company that FRV’s experience was only focused on development activity in certain markets. My forecast on FRV’s future was a minimum part of what we have become . Since then, we have expanded worldwide, we have more than 2GW in our portfolio, we are pioneers in new technologies, we are supplying a diversity of services around projects and we are growing exponentially. All of this would have not been possible without the team, the commitment of our people, our enthusiasm for innovation, and our appetite for being the best performers as we continue providing services for our projects and third party assets. FRV is always striving to go beyond expectations, and for that very reason the future happens here and now!”