FRV commissions Megapack energy storage project in the UK

  • The project by global renewables leader FRV is the development of one of the largest battery energy storage plants in the South of the UK.
  • Commissioned on July 5th, the system of lithium-ion batteries has a combined capacity of 15 MWh connected to the Southern Electric Power distribution network, able to store energy and provide flexibility to the grid.
  • Six Tesla Megapack batteries installed at new battery energy storage plant in Dorset, batteries will enable utility-scale energy storage, used alongside Tesla’s Autobidder software.

Global renewable energy solutions provider Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV), (part of Abdul Latif Jameel Energy) announced today the commissioning of their first utility-scale energy storage project at Holes Bay, Poole, Dorset in the United Kingdom.  The project reflects FRV’s long-term investment plan to develop energy storage projects globally.

The project uses six Tesla Megapack, Lithium-ion batteries that enable utility-scale energy storage.  The Megapack batteries have a capacity of 15 MWh and are connected to the Southern Electric Power distribution network, providing the capability to store energy from renewable sources and afford peak-time flexibility to the UK National Grid as part of the UK’s continuing shift away from fossil fuels.

The utility-scale energy storage facility operates using Tesla’s cutting-edge ‘Autobidder’ AI software.

Felipe Hernández, Managing Director Engineering and Asset Management of FRV, states that: “Holes Bay will be the first project in a strategic energy storage pipeline [for FRV] to be launched globally. We are pleased to announce this project that demonstrates the economic and technical feasibility of the battery energy storage system while supporting the development of UK’s strategic sustainable energy program.”

FRV’s future plan includes long-term investments in battery energy storage projects that play a central role in the market, supporting the increasing penetration of, and transition to, renewables in the global energy mix.  Felipe went on to comment that: “We are already collaborating with governments, regulators, and partners around the world to lay the foundations for a new energy model. Energy storage plays a central and critical role to fully realize the power of renewable energy, and FRV acknowledges the value of this technology as a key element to achieve a decarbonized society.”

Recently, our Managing Director for Engineering and Asset Management Felipe Hernandez and David Menendez Head of FRV-X, participated in the first episode of Abdul Latif Jameel´s new podcast series. In the podcast they discuss the current state of utility scale energy storage solutions and how they are becoming an enabler for the accelerated transition to renewable energy.

They also discuss this first FRV project at Holes Bay at Poole, Dorset, in the UK: