The FRV and IE Foundation Scholarships Program reaches its eleventh edition, awarding one more year this scholarship to an outstanding student from Extremadura

  • The Young Talented Leaders program, sponsored together with IE Foundation, offers a scholarship to outstanding students from the regions where FRV projects are developed.
  • After 11 editions of this program, FRV will cover one year more all the expenses of a student from Extremadura to study a four-year degree at IE University.
  • The scholarship covers all training and educational expenses, including tuition and support for housing, academic materials, and living expenses during the four years of the degree program.



Madrid, 22nd April. 2024

Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV), part of Abdul Latif Jameel Energy and one of the world’s leading renewable energy companies collaborates with IE Foundation through the Young Talented Leaders program to offer a scholarship to an outstanding student for each of the projects it has been developing at the rate of one student per academic year for the last 11 years. On this occasion, the scholarship, linked to the Carmonita Ministerio project -currently under construction and which will reach a total capacity of 477 MWp-, will be awarded to a brilliant student from Extremadura, covering all the expenses to study a four-year degree at IE University, including living expenses and tuition.

The Young Talent Leaders program is jointly sponsored by the IE Foundation and FRV with the objective of enabling outstanding students with high personal and academic performance to study at IE University. The admissions process includes a 500-word essay reflecting the reasons why the candidate stands out and why they are applying for the scholarship. The selection criteria are based on the candidate’s demonstration of high academic performance and potential, in addition to meeting the other established criteria.

The scholarship covers training and educational expenses, including tuition, and support for living expenses during the four years of the degree program.

In this way, FRV ensures that bright students from diverse geographic locations and cultural, economic and professional backgrounds have the opportunity to access world-class education and professional development, thus contributingto driving positive social change by supporting the advancement of education in the area, in this case Extremadura, where Carmonita Ministerio is located. This solar plant located in the province of Badajoz belongs to the Carmonita node (to which the Norte, Sur and IV projects also belong), making up one of the largest photovoltaic complexes in Spain.


We believe that sharing success is a business imperative, and this philosophy has led us to collaborate with the Fundación IE through the Young Talented Leaders scholarship program. This allows us, in turn, to drive positive social change by supporting education in the communities where we are present, consolidating our commitment to regions such as Extremadura
Daniel Sagi-Vela


It is a pleasure to have reached the eleventh edition of the FRV scholarships, which allow extraordinary students to cover all the costs of their education at IE University. As both parties have seen over the years, these scholarships bring about a real transformation in the lives of these brilliant young people, while having a positive impact on the aresa from where they come. For this reason, at IE Foundation we are very grateful to FRV and very happy to be able to renew this scholarship once again.
Gonzalo Garland
Executive Vice President of IE Foundation



Students may apply fot intership here: FRV ‘Young Talented Leaders’ Scholarship