Photovoltaic Plant


New South Wales / Australia


In early 2020, FRV signed a new PPA with Snowy Hydro for the 109 MW dc Sebastopol Solar Farm project in New South Wales, Australia.

The site is private rural land currently used for crops and grazing.

This is FRV’s seventh project in the country, which will supply energy to over 40,000 Australian households and avoid the emission of approximately 77,600 tons of CO2 annually, the equivalent of taking about 27,700 cars off the road each year.

This is also the first Green Finance for FRV in Australia and among one of the first renewable energy project financing of this type in Australia.

Construction works started in 2020 and the solar farm is expected to be operational by the end of 2021. Once complete, Sebastopol Solar Farm is expected to generate energy for up to 30 years.


109 MW DC
Peak Power
New South Wales / Australia
195 000 MWH/year
Annual production
248 Hectares
77 600 t/year
CO2 Avoided
40 000
Households supplied
Operation date
In operation
Project status

Community value

It is estimated that around 150 workers will be required to construct the project.

During operations 2 to 3 ongoing operational roles will be created. Maintenance contracts for panel cleaning, fence repair, road grading, etc. would also be required and would likely be met by local contractors.

Sebastopol Solar Farm represents a positive diversification of the local economy and brings investment to the area. It delivers additional indirect economic opportunities to local businesses.

At the same time, the project will provide local sheep and grain growers with an assured income stream without affecting their current farming practices, while supporting the production of renewable energy. The PV plant system maximizes electricity output and allows sheep grazing to continue through the area.