FRV to install technology to optimize solar projects in Spain

Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV) announced today that it will install technologyto integrate, manage and monitor all its solar photovoltaic power plants in Spain, to optimize their performance. FRV awarded a joint venture formed by ENERTIS SOLAR, a leading solar quality control consultant, and SATEC, a technology integrator, a EUR 5 million contract to install and maintain the system over 20 years.

The system will integrate information from sensors and collection points at FRV’s solar facilities and send it to a remote data management centre. Among other benefits, FRV will be able to identify, in real time, failures and dips in energy production at each solar installation and to solve technical issues quickly. “FRV is committed to the high performance of our solar projects, and installing this new technology was the logical next step in ensuring this”, said Rafael Benjumea, president and CEO of FRV. The ENERTIS SOLAR and SATEC joint venture will start installing the technology at the first of FRV’s eight solar plants in Spain, which total 100 MW of installed capacity. Installation at FRV’s facilities in Spain is expected to be completed by March 2011.

In subsequent phases, FRV, in conjunction with ENERTIS SOLAR and SATEC, will study the possibility of implementing the system at new facilities owned by the company in Italy and the United States. ENERTIS SOLAR will contribute its expertise in quality control and optimization of solar photovoltaic facilities to ensure high performance and safety at the plants. Remote sensors will collect data on temperature, the output of solar modules and quality. SATEC will develop the software and communications systems.

About Enertis Solar

ENERTIS SOLAR ( is a technical consultant providing engineering services and high value-added services focused on solar energy systems. It is a leader in the quality control of solar photovoltaic equipment.

Since its inception in 2006, it has specialised in advising different participants that operate in the solar energy sector (including developers, engineers and banks) and in developing, implementing and operating projects to utilise this source of renewable energy.

ENERTIS SOLAR operates in Spain, Italy, China and the United States. To date, it has a portfolio of more than 60 photovoltaic projects with over 200 MW of installed capacity.


Satec ( is a Spanish multinational company that integrates technology solutions and that specialises in advanced services relating to new information technologies. Since it was founded in 1987, it has focused its efforts on cooperating with its clients to innovate processes, resources and technologies, thereby contributing to change, productivity and competitiveness in business.

Over 1,200 people are part of this company, which has operations in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Senegal and Mexico.