Impianto fotovoltaico

La Jacinta

Salto Department / Uruguay


Located in Salto in the north of Uruguay, La Jacinta began operations in 2015, and it was at that time, the first large-scale solar project to become operational in the country.

La Jacinta was the first solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) signed with the National Administration of Power Plants and Transmission (UTE), in the context of an ambitious government policy aimed at promoting solar energy in the country.

With 65 MWdc of installed power, the solar plant provides the 100% of its energy to UTE and meets the electrical needs of approximately 34,000 homes, while eliminating approximately 72,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

FRV sold La Jacinta to Invenergy in 2017 but FRV keeps the O&M and AM operations of the plant.

It remains one of the largest solar plants in Latin America.


65 MW DC
Potenza di picco
Salto Department / Uruguay
102 735 MWH/anno
Produzione annuale
150 Ettari
71 914,50 t/anno
CO2 Evitato
34 245
Famiglie rifornite
Data dell'operazione
In funzione
Stato del progetto