Impianto fotovoltaico

La Solanilla

Trujillo, Extremadura / Spagna


La Solanilla Solar Farm is a 50 MW dc PV plant located in Trujillo, 50 km from Cáceres, in the Spanish region of Extremadura.

This project is key for FRV due to its wealth of natural resources and the company’s track record in the area where the founding team of FRV began its journey in the industry.

After producing its first kWh in 2019, La Solanilla reached COD in May 2020 and now generates approximately 103 GWh in clean energy per year, supplying energy to approximately 35,000 Spanish homes and avoiding the emission of 72,000 tons of CO2 annually.


50 MW DC
Potenza di picco
Trujillo, Extremadura / Spagna
103 000 MWH/anno
Produzione annuale
160 Ettari
72 000 t/anno
CO2 Evitato
35 000
Famiglie rifornite
Data dell'operazione
In funzione
Stato del progetto

Community value

During the construction phase alone, approximately 350 jobs were created, some of which have been maintained now that the plant is operational.

In recognition of the plant’s contribution to the región, Olga García, Regional Minister for the Ecologic Transition and Sustainability of the Government of Extremadura and Samuel Ruíz, the Region’s General Director for Industry, Energy and Mining, visited La Solanilla solar plant in Trujillo in 2020.