Progetti di accumulo di energia

Holes Bay

Holes Bay, Dorset / Regno Unito


The Holes Bay Battery project aims to provide essential grid support services, such as Fast Frequency Response, and participation to Balancing Mechanism.

The project is providing the capability to store energy from the grid and afford peak-time flexibility to the UK National Grid as part of the UK’s continuing shift away from fossil fuels.

Holes Bay has been operating since June 2020, participating in the EPEX spot market, in the Firm Frequency Response (FFR) and in the Balancing Mechanism. The site was the first to go live in the National Grid’s new wider access application programming interface (API) for the Balancing Mechanism.


7,50 MW DC
Potenza di picco
Holes Bay, Dorset / Regno Unito
15 MWh
Lithium-Ion batteries
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In funzione
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