Potosí Solar

San Luís de Potosí / Mexiko


Potosi Solar Farm is the first project of FRV in Mexico.

The 342 MW dc PV plant is located around 120km north-west of San Luis Potosí, near the village of Los Hernández, Villa de Ramos, in San Luis Potosi State. The site covers approximately 850 Ha of rural land that was used for ranching. The project was awarded in the second auction held by the National Energy Control Center (CENACE) for 20 years. The site is excellently located for exporting the solar farm’s electricity into the national electricity grid via the existing 400kV Transmission Grid.

The plant was built by TSK will have a useful life of 30 years. Construction of the plant began in the middle of 2018 and it is started operations in 2019.


342 MW DC
San Luís de Potosí / Mexiko
815 000 MWH/Jahr
Jährliche Produktion
850 Hektar
97 700 000 t/Jahr
CO2 Vermeidet
76 100
Versorgte Haushalte
Datum der Durchführung
In Betrieb
Status des Projekts