New South Wales / Australien


Goonumbla Solar Farm is a 83.70 MW dc PV plant located approximately 10km west of the town of Parkes and 280km North West of Sydney in New South Wales.

The plant consists of approximately 270,000 solar panels installed across the 385-hectare site.

The solar farm is located adjacent to TransGrid 132/66 kV Parkes Substation, ideally situated for exporting the solar farm’s electricity into the existing national electricity grid.

Construction of the project began in July 2019 and the generation with the first kwh in May 2020. The plant has completed construction, and its operations started in August 2020.


83,70 MW DC
New South Wales / Australien
195 000 MWH/Jahr
Jährliche Produktion
150 Hektar
140 000 t/Jahr
CO2 Vermeidet
45 000
Versorgte Haushalte
Datum der Durchführung
In Betrieb
Status des Projekts

Community value

Goonumbla Solar Farm project created more than 250 direct local jobs during the construction phase. Six permanent personnel are employed to run the solar farm. Local and regional suppliers have been engaged for the construction.
The project stimulated the local economy, creating new opportunities to local grocery stores, restaurants, cafés, accommodation, transport, material and services.