California State University

Photovoltaic Plant

Fresno, California / USA
Peak Power: 1.17 MWp
Annual Production:1,560 MWh/Year
CO2 Avoided:1,092 t/Year
Households Supplied: 195 Homes
Surface: 1.21 Hectares
Operation Date: 2007
System Type:Solar Parking Structure. Fixed Tilt Array 10º. Schott Solar Modules. SatCon Inverters
Project Status: In Operation
Plant Owner: Third Party
FRV Role:
  • Development
  • Sale

Javier Esquivias

General Deputy Director, Elecnor

They are always a step ahead, and not just in the technical aspect. In addition, they have always been very rigorous and reliable. When they commit to a project, they always go all the way to the end.

Marko Kremer

Senior Director, DIF Australia

FRV’s main strength is its ability to develop all processes internally. This provides the knowledge and capacity to anticipate what will happen and explain it clearly.

Gianfranco Carassale

Lead Investment Officer, Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC)

Despite their size, they have been competing closely in bids with firms, which had different structures and abilities. This certainly shows their ability to be a strong market competitor. FRV has been a pioneer in market segments where no one had been before, and that has a lot of value.