As a recognized leader in the worldwide renewable energy industry, it remains key for us to continue our focus on a management model that secures delivery of our commitments through close control of all processes, good governance practices and transparency in performance.

This adherence to process controls and governance has created a proven track record of over a decade with regards to meeting profitability and power generation targets, while optimizing costs and technology performance.

By 2050, wind and solar technology will provide almost 50% of total electricity globally

FRV believes in combining photovoltaic and/or wind power with battery storage to ensure the flow of energy at all times.

The increase in the penetration of renewables, triggers new technological challenges, such as electricity supply stabilization and Frequency Regulation and batteries are expected to play a major role in providing solutions to them.

In over a decade of successful operations, we have consolidated our position as one of the global leaders in the solar energy market with presence in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, Australia and the Middle East.

With a long-term perspective, our aim today is both to continue to be a leader in the global renewable energy industry and, to keep growing into new markets that offer future development opportunities in the sector.

Leading the transformation of the energy market

The rapid increase of renewable energy competitiveness vs conventional fossil-fuel based power generation, has transformed the energy industry worldwide.

As pioneers, FRV is leading this change adapting our business strategy and considering a mixed business model that combines long-term ownership of assets instead of just being focused on the sale of plants and asset turn-over.

Today, FRV has evolved to become a fully integrated IPP while it continues with its involvement across most of the business activities of its projects, including development, construction, financing and operation of large- scale solar PV and wind projects.


We are providers of integrated sustainable solutions

At FRV we design, manage and control all phases of the value chain. This begins with the independent selection of the most appropriate technology for each project, through the development of financing solutions, engineering and construction, to live operation and certified supply to the power grid. It also includes Operation and Maintenance (O&M) and Asset Management services (AM) once the plant is in operation.

The whole development process is led and managed by our professional and highly qualified team. Their accumulated specialist industry experience ensures that we can deliver the required returns.


  • Bankable technology solutions
  • Commercial and technological independence from any brand or system enables optimized solutions for both power generation and investment returns for each project and region


  • Our own developments, agreements with other developers and partners, and the acquisition of projects already underway, at various stages of development
  • Market analysis, site selection, initial engineering and technical assessment, negotiation of key contracts (EPC, interconnection, PPA, etec).
  • Strong relationships with different stakeholders and government administrations facilitate permitting processes
  • Commercial force: dedicated team experienced in securing corporate PPAs
  • Experienced with gradual de-risking of merchant projects over time to optimize return profile

Equipment Supply

  • Strong experience working with a wide variety of manufacturers and providers of equipment and technology that allows us to push down costs without compromising EPC quality
  • Always ahead of the market by analyzing a wide variety of manufacturers and technologies (modules, inverters, etc).
  • In-house team dedicated to energy storage solutions with the use of batteries


  • Established relationships with leading EPC contractors worldwide
  • In-house engineering team. Acted as EPC on several projects
  • Award on the basis of price and technical/financial strength
  • Able to manage and split main contracts underpinning the EPC by providing wrap up in JV with other contractors


  • Long-term project finance expertise in different markets, with a diverse range of structured financial solutions, which can be tailored to each specific project
  • More than US $3 billion of project debt raised in project financing with some of the best banks and financial institutions worldwide
  • Able to finance fully merchant projects (e.g. Moree and Potrero)
  • A highly competent in-house financing team to improve the competitiveness of our projects


  • In-house monitoring and management of the plants, improving the performance of the projects
  • FRV becomes the O&M provider after guarantee with EPC contractor expires


  • In-house monitoring and Asset Management included in each operation
  • AM department manages the AM contract
  • FRV Asset Management provides 360 degrees asset management services including: third party projects services provider, local authorities, financial entities
  • Global Asset Management services worldwide including local offices. We are the first company to provide utility scale AM solutions in Australia
  • Deep knowledge, strong expertise and well-known brand in the renewable energy market

Research and Innovation

  • FRV as direct provider of the most innovative solutions, creating the tools to become the utility of the future
  • Creating storage and trading capabilities and digitalization (aggregator of services)



The management of capital resources plays a fundamental role in the success of any investment in the renewable energy sector.

Our knowledge and experience in this industry allows us to add value to all financing activities.


We have a broad experience in the development of projects with different construction needs, participating as contractors in Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for our own projects.

We are also experienced in establishing supply agreements with the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers.


Our work does not end with delivery. Teams of highly skilled professionals are dedicated to constantly monitoring the operation of our solar and wind farms.

In this way, we are able to maximize their performance and to ensure maintenance and security of our installations.

Asset Management

360 degrees asset management


Continuous innovation is a priority. At FRV we are constantly researching and incorporating new market and technology innovations into our expertise. This enables us to apply the most advanced solutions to each of our projects.

Javier Esquivias

General Deputy Director, Elecnor

They are always a step ahead, and not just in the technical aspect. In addition, they have always been very rigorous and reliable. When they commit to a project, they always go all the way to the end.

Javier Esquivias

General Deputy Director, Elecnor

FRV has always been a pioneer. From the first time they came to us 10 years ago, they really made an impact with their vision and La Magascona, which was a project of a huge magnitude at that time.

José Benjumea

Founder, FRV

We believe that our success needs to have a positive impact in those regions where we operate and that education is the best channel to meet this goal, and to improving the future of those communities that embrace our projects