Our Vision

We at FRV strive to surpass the limitations of conventional energy value chains, to inspire a breakthrough in society's dependency on carbon-based fuels, and to innovate and empower new ideas in the transition to clean, sustainable, reliable and low-cost models of delivering electricity to any customer in any part of the Earth

Our Mission

By creating and enabling access to clean, efficient and cost-competitive energy solutions that live up to our customer needs for stability, transparency and sustainability, we strive to become the most important platform for clean energy projects in the world and to improve the efficiency of the overall energy system

We aspire to take the lead in the wider energy industry including pioneering the latest technology improvements to become the preferred partner for any major projects in the sector.

Therefore, we at FRV aim to be at the forefront of the transition of the global energy transition, while setting the highest standards of quality, technical innovation and commitment to our service delivery, from planning to operations of assets for single and portfolios of customers, suppliers and investors.

Delivering on these goals will create a beneficial impact at a social, economic and environmental level worldwide.

Our Values

Since our beginning, we have embraced change and the concept of continuous improvement. However, with each change, we have remained committed to our core values. These values define our development both as a company, and as individuals, and will remain with us as a guide for all our future projects.

Pioneering Spirit

Inspiring Change

We are confident that our own journey will help to support the development of a better future. So we are constantly looking for new opportunities, new markets and new solutions and technologies which will enable our projects to achieve this future position at a faster pace.

Innovation goes beyond technology; that is why all members of our team share in this spirit of change and advancement with the objective to improve the overall outcome for all.
Being a true pioneer means taking the responsibility of becoming a role model to others. That is why we see it as our duty to always strive for excellence and to inspire and motivate people, as we know the importance of leading by example.


The Value of Commitment

At FRV we always fulfil our promises, delivering results with transparency and integrity, both in our relationships with investors and clients, as well as with our suppliers and employees.

Every member of the FRV team shares this responsibility and, with this at our core, it drives us to strive harder for excellence and to set the bar higher with each project. This has resulted in a level of credibility that we are proud of, and which allows us to build solid and long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect.
Commitment and transparency define our actions, from simple everyday conversations to advanced technical procedures.


An Extraordinary Team

The success of FRV is based on our people: a highly competent team of qualified experts, all of whom have significant international experience in the renewable energy field.

Our professionals have an outstanding attitude; they are committed to success, innovation, responsibility and transparency. They are our strongest ambassadors.

It is the responsibility of everybody within our organization to give our best, as individual effort contributes to our shared success. We advocate the importance of personal development, and we are supportive of helping each one of our employees to achieve their own personal development goals.


Ensuring Future Development

In building a sustainable future, the concept of sustainability must be applied to every action we take.

In the development of our work, we take care to ensure that our projects have a positive impact, both at environmental and socio-economic levels.

Javier Esquivias

General Deputy Director, Elecnor

They are always a step ahead, and not just in the technical aspect. In addition, they have always been very rigorous and reliable. When they commit to a project, they always go all the way to the end.

Fernando Salinas

Country Manager at Central America Region, FRV

After nine years working in FRV, I have significantly grown not only professionally but also personally. Living in four different countries and performing a wide range of activities will certainly have a positive impact in whatever activities I perform in the future.

Fernando Salinas

Country Manager at Central America Region, FRV

Collectively, we have a target to generate an important project pipeline that could help us achieving our company goals in the region.