COVID19 Protocol

Important notice about COVID-19

With the continued issues and concerns associated with Covid-19, we are doing everything we can to both, protect our employees and their families and the wider groups in which we operate.


We have taken all necessary precautionary measures to reduce the exposure of our employees and minimize spread of the disease and the risk of disruption to our business.

Apart from making sure we comply with all the health security protocols in our offices, we have provided specific guidelines and eligibility for FRV employees working from home in order to make sure we maintain adequate performance levels.

In the context of the transition to new social and working mode under the COVID-19 outbreak, we have implemented a program aimed to gather, evaluate and share/implement initiatives that can positively impact over two main categories:

· Associates & Family Wellbeing
· Business Continuity

FRV is closely monitoring the rapidly evolving situation with particular focus on the many issues presented by the outbreak including employees’ health & safety, business continuity and asset protection.

In this difficult moment we are even more committed to support the growth of a low-carbon and more resilient economy and to support a sustainable social development for our future.