A Promising Future

Energy provision is a central challenge facing governments and citizens across the world. Clean, renewable energy from a range of sources is becoming increasingly important in the bid to deliver sustainable growth, improved living standards and enhanced job opportunities – which is why wind power is a central part of any future energy mix.

New Airs

In a natural progression of our proven expertise in the solar energy sector, we are currently assessing and analizing locations where, we already have solar facilities, and new potential ones for the development of wind energy projects. This will enable us to lead the continuing and rapid transition to clean energy across the world.

The combination of both technologies enables FRV to participate succesfully in competitive tenders globally

According to the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), wind power installed across the globe grew by 17% in 2015, and it is expected to rapidly grow further in large established markets like China, the USA, Germany, India and Brazil. Additionally, other regions where we have already expanded our solar activities such as Africa, Asia and Latin America, also show significant potential and are expected to lead the wind energy market in the next decade.

Rafael Benjumea

Founder, FRV

At FRV we have a strong commitment to the economic and social development of the markets and communities in which we operate, and we are pleased to be able to deliver on this commitment through this innovative program.

Scott Mackin

Managing Partner and Co-President, Denham Capital

We’ve greatly enjoyed our collaborative relationship with the team and look forward to seeing FRV continue its success in the future.

Fernando Salinas

Country Manager at Central America Region, FRV

Collectively, we have a target to generate an important project pipeline that could help us achieving our company goals in the region.